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Generate Energy from Fitness Activity – Its a Reality

Generate Energy from Fitness Activity – Its a Reality

Nothing like a morning jog around the park or happy mountain hiking can also enable you to derive power to re-charge your devices like your smartphone or laptop. Sounds impossible? Actually, you can!

Thanks to modern technology, you can re-charge the batteries of your devices everywhere, anytime you go. There are now fitness gadgets-cum-portable devices that support this "green" actiity eneregy concept of re-charging your mobile gadgets. Through these very smart and innovative fitness alternative energy devices, you produce the energy through your own movements like walking and running. In turn these innovative gadgets will convert the kinetic activity energy into usable power that will magically re-charge your mobile devices such as your smartphone, that shiny tablet, or even your all important laptop. Of course all this depends on the amount of power collected while your working out.

We explore some of these really interesting, fascinating and innovative alternative energy devices that will also get you into shape at the same time:

1. nPower PEG

Cleveland, Ohio-based compnay Tremont Electric came up with this really clever device nPower PEG (personal energy generator). The company also makes and markets other "green" energy devices as well.

The nPower PEG consists of a nine-inch cylinder which also feels light to handle as it weighs only over a pound. nPower PEG's capacity is empowered by a 2000 mAh lithium polymer battery. This device collects all the power from kinetic energy while you're walking, running, jogging, hiking hills, or working hard biking. So how much power does nPEG provide to your mobile phones and tablets? Well, the answer is it really depends on YOU and how active YOU are and how much energy you send to the rod-shaped "green" powerbank, as well as what kind of gadget you're going to re-charge with that power.

For instance, if you do a fitness walk carrying the nPower PEG for about a minute, then it would provide one minute of re-charging your gadget like an iPad Nano to full capacity. On the other hand, other devices such as a smartphone or tablet will definitely require more energy to re-charge, so you will need more exercise to fill up the poer of your nPower PEG. An iPhone requires about 11 minutes of solid walking to generate about one minute of re-charging for your phone. The unit also comes with a nifty USB cord.

2. Bionic Power

Bionic Power (such a great name!) is a company out of British Columbia, Canada, invents its similarly-named device. Bionic Power (the device, that is) is extremely ideal for your very rigorous activities, and is specifically designed for usage by people whose occupation always or often requires them to work on the field. Reporters and mountain rangers could benefit greatly from going out and about with this device. Battle soldiers may find carrying clunky batteries too bothersome will also find many advantges of using the Bionic Power.

Bionic Power consists of a set of braces (yep very much just like the athletic knee braces) that are strapped on to your legs. The amount of energy derived really does depend on the torque generated from the knees. Like the nPower PEG, how much power will you draw from the Bionic Power device also depends completely on the intensity of your work out activity. Let's say you walk at a nice and leisurely pace, which provides energy enough to possibly re-charge 4 mobile handsets. The beauty of Bionic Power device is that not only it does adapt to the user's speed, it also adjusts to the various types of work out terrain he or she is striding on. For example to consider, if you walk on a nice downward slope such a hill at a good solid vigorous pace, the amount of generated energy is likely to be significantly increased quickly.

3. Lightning Packs

Lightning Packs is one of the more recent of these wonderful innovations from the Pennsylvania based company you probably haven’t heard of called Lightning Packs, LLC. The company designs and manufactures backpacks that derive energy from activities like walking, running, jogging and hill hiking. Not only does Lightning Packs draw energy from your movements to re-charge your gadgets, it also provides you some ergonomic benefits such as significantly reduced impact and joint stress.

The backpack's frame absorbs energy from your motions like walking or running. It is said that the device doesn't carry a whole lot of battery -- only over seven watts in fact -- but that's enough to provide power to such diverse devices as goggles, flashlights, MP3 players, or even something like a GSM-enabled mobile phone. The frames themselves weigh about 10 pounds, and the company's researchers who developed this innovative backpack have announced that they will be working on a lighter version. This bag is particularly ideal for mountain rangers, mountaineers, avid hikers and even people like rescue workers.

We all produce energy as we move and we produce energy in greater abundance when we are active and working to be fit. Its a natural extension to try and capture that energy for usage for purposes beyond just being active. These extremely innovative alternative energy devices not only enable you to go green in life, but they will also inspire you to start getting into shape and embrace an active, green and very healthy lifestyle.

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