Saturday, 24 October 2015

Fitness Using Video Games for the Wii and XBOX

Fitness and technology have continued to be closely merged with each other. Professional athletes, trainers and fitness gurus use technology to plan, track and manage fitness regimens for themselves and their clients. It was almost expected that the combination of fitness and technology would very soon find its way into homes. This article explores some of the great fitness gadgets which can be used inside the comfort of your home.
Since the Nintendo Wii was released in 2006, fitness and workouts at home have been the craze for a lot of people. They are now able to compare their motions to the instructor, thanks to the Wii motion sensors. Of course, the gaming aspect will track your progress while providing goals which is similar to video games.

The Wii Fit uses the Balance Board which is a balance board you can stand on while doing your workouts. This game includes yoga, aerobics, strength, and balance. Similar to a video game, you set up a profile and create a Mii character. It will then track your physical progress while you're using the Wii. You can also add activities you do away from of the Wii for tracking.

A personal instructor or trainer provides assistance with yoga and strength training. The Wii gives steps and directions as well as to assesses your progress. The goal is to encourage you be physically active. Follow the instructor and track the how many reps you do or how much time you spend for each exercise. Of course, nothing can ever replace a real human instructor but for those who can't use a fitness guru it provides guidance and structure you may need to follow a program. Other aspects include aerobics and balance games along with a series of mini-games. The Wii Fit is used everywhere from rehabilitation centers to assisted living and senior centers.

The release of the Kinect for the XBOX started the fitness revolution for XBOX gamers who may have been too sedentary. One of the most popular fitness game programs to come out for the XBOX is the Zumba fitness system. This system uses a combination of the Kinect's ability to track the user's movements combined with Zumba's dance routines which enable you to track and evaluate your activity. Other fitness game programs for the Nike Kinect Training, XBOX include Your Shape, and many more.

The use of video game consoles for fitness has brought several advantages and benefits:

  • They provide fixed and structured programs to follow -- no second-guessing is needed on what kind of exercise is next
  • The programs are able to track your activity
  • The program enables you to see visual feedback for your movements and the quality of exercises you're doing
  • You can do your workouts privately in the comfort of your own home
  • It provides you with many options to set fitness goals, define you preferences and find the right program for you

Speaking of programs, there are also several fitness programs for you to consider and choose from: The Biggest Loser for Wii, Gold's Gym Dance Workout, EA Sports Active, My Fitness Coach, and Jillian Michaels' Fitness Ultimatum are a few options. XBOX users can choose from Nike + Kinect Training, Your Shape Fitness Evolved, UFC Personal Trainer, and Dance Central. The choices for workout and exercise are endless. Best of all, exercise can be really fun instead of being an arduous chore in an effort to slim down.

If you're looking to start a fitness regimen but cannot hit the right gym, then these video games and consoles (Wii and XBOX) are something you may want to check out. If you have children or a gamer in your household then chances are you already have one of the game consoles in your home and it's just awaiting you to turn the power on for your fitness goals.